Pulp & Paper


The Importance of the Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry is crucial to many economies around the world. In fact, the industry is responsible for a large percentage of the GDP in many countries. In the United States and Canada, pulp and paper account for roughly 2% of the GDP. In the European Union, that number is nearly 5%. China has the highest percentage of its GDP tied to the pulp and paper industry. There, this sector accounts for over 10% of the nation’s total economic output. The pulp and paper industry is valued so highly because it contains many different subsectors. These include the production of paper and paperboard, the production of wood-based fibers, and the production of chemicals used in paper production. Each of these subsectors is essential for the production of finished paper products. Without pulp and paper, many people would not have access to necessary products.

Electrical Contractor for the Pulp & Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry is highly specialized. The operational and safety standards are extremely demanding, making hiring an electrical contractor, especially challenging. A standard electrical contractor won’t cut it. A skilled specialist with experience in the pulp and paper industry is the perfect match to bring your project to life. 


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