Thermal Imaging


Find problems that the eye can't with Thermal Imaging. Thermal Imagers measure infrared radiation on the surface of most solids and liquids. Increase the life of electrical and mechanical equipment, help prevent unscheduled shutdowns, inspect new installations and equipment still under warranty, find hidden problems during building inspections; all without any damage to the equipment. A few applications include Electrical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment and Building Inspections.


  • Thermal Imaging can detect many different abnormalities before they become problems or failures: Loose Connections, Overloaded or Unbalanced Circuits, Check the Quality of New Installations.
  • Finding and eliminating such problems make electrical equipment operate more efficiently and improve service life.
  • These inspections can prevent unscheduled shutdowns due to electrical failure.
  • Improve safety of Medium Voltage switchgear and Motor Control Centers.
  • If left undetected problems can heat to the point of failure.


  • There are many types of mechanical equipment that can benefit from thermal imaging: Any Type of Rotating Equipment, Boiler/HVAC Efficiency, Plugged Piping, Tank Level.
  • Help find areas with missing insulation on hot services to prevent injury.
  • Find plugs in piping quicker and easier than taking it apart.
  • Locate leaking valves.
  • Thermal Imaging can find problems that when repaired can greatly increase equipment efficiency.
  • Improving equipment efficiency not only reduces energy consumption but also greatly improves equipment life.


  • There are many ways to increase the efficiency or find problems in buildings: Water Leaks, Missing or Inadequate Insulation.
  • Repairing these types of problems can help save on energy bills and fix small problems before they become major.

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