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A single-source solution delivers better results

Controlled Project Costs

Through the shared economy of manpower and equipment across multiple trades, we deliver streamlined workflows resulting in better cost controls.

Accelerated Timelines

With in-house labor and resources, we can work quickly to meet project timelines. Our lifetime record of zero missed deadlines is proof positive.

Minimal Impact on Operations

We understand downtime means money lost. We can work around lines still running, during shut down or on a varied schedule.

Single Point of Contact

With a single project manager on your job, you’ll never be burdened with trying to keep up with who’s doing what.

Project-Proven Expertise

Since 1971, Copeland has successfully completed thousands of industrial projects. Our reputation for excellence in process and execution delivers optimum outcomes.

Turn-Key Solutions for Every Project

Because we self perform each deliverable on your project, you can count on the efficiency of turn-key solutions for every job.

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Industries we serve

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Biomass energy will continue to play a significant role in the world’s energy supply. Several trends are expected to grow the use of biomass in the future.


Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry is crucial to many economies around the world. In fact, the industry is responsible for a large percentage of the GDP in many countries.



The petrochemical industry is vital to modern life. It produces fertilizers that enable farmers around the world to grow food for billions of people.



Since its supply is renewable, sawmills can adjust production according to fluctuations in demand. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that the country’s timber supply is sufficient to meet projected demand through 2030.


Great company with competent, dependable staff. I was having an event at my home during the busiest time of the holidays and the management of Copelands made sure that my electrical problems were resolved in time for the event. They are the best!

A very professional and trustworthy company with only one thing in mind, which is to please the customer. They believe in customer service.

Great Company. Awesome Service.
I will definitely use this company again.

Our Purpose

We are a full-service electrical contractor that exists to provide excellence in electrical services through skilled team members who are trained and personable. Our purpose is to deliver excellent service to our customers, provide needed services to our communities and demonstrate leadership in our industry.

We have the manpower, resources, and knowledge to assemble and mobilize teams quickly and efficiently. Our 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise have enabled us to compete in any arena, bringing projects to completion on schedule and within the structured budget, while keeping clients informed of the project status at all times.

Our Promise

In addition to ensuring that our technical service offerings are always ahead of the trends, one of our primary goals has been and will continue to be providing long-term employment opportunities in which all members work as a team to build a stable atmosphere.

Our priorities for our employees include ensuring that the workplace is safe; developing quality, responsive managers who care and can be trusted; treating our employees with respect and dignity; offering competitive wages along with benefits; emphasizing the importance of a work/life balance and allowing each employee the opportunity to achieve success.

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Copeland Electric is a fully licensed and insured company. We are cost-competitive, have a skilled labor force, and keep safety front of mind. We have the manpower, resources, and knowledge to assemble and mobilize teams quickly and efficiently.